About Us

With 20 years experience building mountain footpaths, Matt McConway is the Owner and Managing Director of Upland Access Ltd.

 Matt still works 'on the hill' and can take your project  from conception to completion. Also, by Matt working onsite, this enables a direct line of communication with the client and management ensuring high quality work and client satisfaction.
Being responsible for the training of our workers, Matt McConway has trained many pathworkers who have went on to have careers in the practical conservation sector.

Upland Access Ltd's crew come from all over the UK and are motivated by wanting to help the environment- most come from a background of enviromental volunteering and are keen hill walkers, rock climbers, or mountain bikers. They all have in common, a love for the outdoors and a commitment to the hills.

Services we Provide:-

Upland Pathwork:-
Construction of Gravel Paths using imported and locally won gravel.
Repairs and reprofiling of Path surface.
Footpath Maintenance.
Drainage and ditching.
Importation and Transportation of Materials to site using plant and helicopters.
Construction of wooden boardwalk, steps and footbridges.
Clear sites of overgrown vegetation and obstacles

Stone Pitching
Stone Cross Drains and Waterbars
Stone Culverts
Path and Burn/River Revettment
Retaining Wall
Dry Stone dykes
Stone benches

Site Restoration using recycled vegetation.
Transplanting using local vegetation
Grass and seed sowing
Tree planting
Turfed Ditches

Project Management:-

Design and Build Projects
Path Surveys
Contractor and Project Management
Volunteer and Staff Training