Saturday, 10 August 2019

Summit of Donard for a Month

So July 2019 will be remembered by me as the month I walked up to the top of Northern Ireland's highest mountain every working day. Admittedly, we got a wee shortcut that cut 15mins off the journey but it was still an effort for me. I was working with the Mournes mountain rangers of the National Trust, carrying out construction of single line definition  features including stone cross drains, pitching, steps and blocking /landscaping. We were assisted by some hardy and dedicated volunteers and by Mournes Heritage Trust who have a long history of carrying out pathwork in the Mournes. Successful month, despite the variable weather, but we achieved alot in a short period of time.  Time, however, will tell, if we can increase the amount of people who stick to the path and hopefully let the overwalked, trodden but precious vegetation recover.