Thursday, 25 October 2018

Ireland's Holy Mountain or the Hill of Lost Soles?

We had an incredible opportunity to do a small, trial amount of stone pitching on Ireland's spiritual home of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, at Croagh Patrick in county Mayo.

Although this was really hard work, we felt privileged to be asked to carry out the first real path repair project on Croagh Patrick and have an opportunity to work beside volunteers from the local community. We also had an opportunity to visit other parts of Mayo and Galway and had a great experience all round.

Oh, the reference to the Lost soles in the title is exacly that- when we were excavating we kept finding parts of shoes, casualties to the harsh and dangerous scree that awaits the ill-prepared in the footwear department!!

Feeling Sheepish

This was an interesting wee project we had last month at Balmoral estate, fixing some real muddy sections of a path in the Ballochbuie forest. This involved flying some stone and gravel in by helicopter and constructing cross drains and new aggregate path. The interesting part of this job was using sheeps fleece in the construction of the aggregate path. This was laid down on the muddy sections as an more environmentally friendly replacement for geotextiles, normally used in such circumstances. It felt weird walking on it before the gravel was laid on top- a bit like walking on someones really expensive sheepskin rug in your dirty wellies!!