Sunday, 9 September 2018

These boots are made for walking... and surveying, and digging

Sometimes things happen in patterns. Like birds of a feather flocking together, work projects seem to do that as well. Take walking. Some jobs the walk in isnt too bad, 40 mins or so. But the last few months we have had to walk for work ...alot!!
So we had Suliven for 3 months, 1.5 hours walk out and I thought that was bad enough. Then we had low key landscaping work at the top of the Ptarmigan path on Ben Lomond, walk in 1hours 45 min.
Then we had surveying work at Ben Lawers and Kintail - then the walking really piled up! The paths we surveyed came to a total of 80 kilometres and another 60 km getting to them and back again. Thats a lot of boot leather. ! But the views were worth it- heres some of my favourite photos of the last couple of months at Lomond, Lawers, and Kintail.