Monday, 26 May 2014

Living and working remote

Upland Access Ltd's teams are getting prepared to live and work in parts of the remotest reaches of the Cairngorms. Remote Accommodation Systems are cabins that can be transported by helicopter to enable path workers- us- to carry out work on paths that are too far to walk in and out every day. These cabins we will be utilising for the summer are a system developed by our client, Cairngorms Outdoor Access Trust. They are a sophisticated portable accommodation system involving self governing generators, huge battery packs, kitchen, bunk, and toilet facilities.
The walk-in to the site will be over 2 hours so we will also fly in alot of our food as well to save on the amount we have to carry in.

The paths we will be working on this summer include the old drover road of Lairig an Laoigh, Fords of Avon to Strath Nethy and a section round Loch Avon.

We are no strangers to working in the cabins and have worked in many sites round the Cairngorms including this 'blast from the past' below, Loch Etchachan path to Beinn Macdui, circa 2004

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Work continues at Glas allt

Our teams continue to make good progress at the Glas Allt path on Balmoral estate in the Eastern Cairngorms.This project is for our client Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust, and involves making repairs to the section of path at the Falls of Allt. Extra stone pitching, stone revettment, stone drainage and top side ditches have been constructed.