Thursday, 17 April 2014

Summer in the Cairngorms

Friday, 11 April 2014

Scotland the Curious are curious about us.

We got a wee mention this week on the blog that is all about Scotland, Scotland the Curious.

It puts us in a good light so thanks for that!

At the Falls of Glas Allt

Our team has made a wee start on our next project. This is the repairs and construction of the section of path that is just before the waterfall on the Glas Allt path of Lochnagar, on the Balmoral estate.
The next task at hand will be to airlift the 70 plus load bags of block stone to site and then we will be able to construct the stone pitching, waterbars, and cross drains that has been specified. This project is through our client the Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Path Repairs on Isle of Staffa

 A quick wee blast over to Staffa to carry out some repairs and path definition to one of the footpaths here. This NTS managed island is home to the famous Fingals cave and the amazing Basalt columns. Staffa is located off the west coast of Mull, and we had to take two ferries and a very choppy boat trip to get there.

Finished at Bynack More

Our team battled incredible blizzards and freezin cold winds to finish our section of work at Bynack More.
This work was on behalf of our clients the Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust and the site is located at nr 3000 ft on the Abernethy Estate. Well done guys.