Monday, 10 March 2014

Snow beginning to go- at last

The view looking down the hill from Bynack. Encouraging enough as the site is beginning to clear from snow. Still patches of the white stuff, but we might be able to make a start after being snowed off for a month.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

15 Years of Upland Access Ltd

I am quite proud of the fact we are still going after 15 years of hard slog. It is quite a unique industry to be in and the people who have engaged in it are few in number, but all bring a necessary resolve and character you wont see anywhere else. I have been reminiscing recently and realize that although the views and sites we have seen are amazing and we are privileged to see them, it is the people who do the job that are the most inspiring and all bring their own character and humour with them.
So as a wee tribute to them, I have compiled a wee album on Facebook on many (but not all- some have been camera shy!) who have worked with Upland Access Ltd. So if you are ever walking in the hills and wonder who build the paths, then this may help answer that question, The Hill Navvies of Upland Access Ltd

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Its snow happening..

Despite the mild weather we are experiencing at low level, the hills of scotland are still getting more than their fair share of snow- exciting for mountaineers and skiers but is putting a right big spanner in the works for us mountain path builders.
Despite having work to do we are beaten back by the white stuff especially on Schiehallion, our next port of call. Ah well, time to get the cap out, " Any loose change there, guvnor?"