Saturday, 22 June 2013

Wee trip to Handa Island

One of the perks of the job is visiting some great spots and my recent visit to Handa Island was definitely one of them. Handa is about 1hr north of Ullapool on the North West coast of Scotland and the scenery at this part of the country is brilliant. On the day I visited it was very popular with visitors who come mainly to see the Puffins.

Stonework at the Junction

We have just started work at the junction where the hill path down from Braeriach reaches the Lairig Ghru. Braeriach is having alot of pathwork carried out this year, with 3 different contractors working at the same time. This work is for Cairngorm Outdoor Access Trust, and is trying to redress the damage caused by many years access to this very popular munro. Upland Access has a small but tricky section at the bottom of the hill that seen our guys using their skills and experience to build a stone path up a steep wee slope.

True to form, we still have a patch of snow below our site but we haven't decided whether this is making our job easier getting stone to the site, or more difficult. Time will tell when the stone melts!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Big Stone Sunday!

All in a days work for the Upland Access team as they move a stone that weighs over a tonne using just a couple of iron pinch bars and sheer effort.
The stone went to form a cross drain to stop the water from eroding the path.