Monday, 24 December 2012

Working up a storm at St Abbs

600 metres of coastal footpath were upgraded by 2 teams of Upland Access Ltd's path navvies this December. All the work was done by hand including excavating and shifting 60 tonnes of earth and 50 tonnes of gravel.All done in 2.5 weeks. During our time on the cliffs overlooking the North Sea, we had a first hand experience of the 'Perfect Storm' that lashed the east coast of Scotland- very exhilarating. All the guys in the squads worked really hard to get the majority of the contract completed before the winter holidays. Happy Hols everybody!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

St Abbs coastal path

Started work on a section of coastal path for the NTS at the St Abbs NNR. We have been treated to some amazing views over the cliffs and down to the picturesque old fishing village. The days can be very cold and damp with daylight departing at an alarming rate. The seasonal vibe is upon us and everyone is working hard, humming the Snowman or whistling The Great Escape! Mmm...